Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

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Its been a while, and A LOT has happened.

I am currently back at my old school (meaning the school that I attended freshman year and then transferred from for this first semester). In general, I am happy to be back. All of my friends are here, including 70 sorority sisters. For those of you who aren’t or who have never been in a sorority, it is hard to explain how much influence this has had on my happiness. The school I was at last semester was my dream school. It was in the South, it was beautiful, it is an amazing school, and had everything I wanted from a school. HOWEVER, all of my friends were at my old school. Also, I couldn’t rush at my new school, which was devastating. That may sound shallow, but its not. A sorority creates a tight community, it allows you to have however many sisters to fall back on. For example, two of my sisters, who I wasn’t super close with offered me a place to live this semester, even though there apartment was only a two person apartment, thus meaning the didn’t need me to live there. 

Although it is such a relief to be back with people who I love and who love me, I feel like a failure. I couldn’t handle the school I always wanted to be in…People around me tell me not to think like that, but I can’t help it.

Also, I haven’t been doing well with the calorie restriction and exercising. It has definitely gotten better since Christmas break, but I am no where near as in control as I was last semester.

I am sorry for venting, I am stressed because of exams and slightly overwhelmed with friend issues and my lack of a love life.

Thanks for listening Tumblerz. Love

This pretty much sums up my life.

This pretty much sums up my life.

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I am ready. I am ready to be thin, I am ready to lose weight, I am ready to be healthy, I am ready to be toned, I am ready to be sexy. It’s almost February, it is now or never. I choose now. This summer I am going to be at my goal weight, and proudly wear a bikini to the beach. I am going to be confident. I am ready.

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